The only way Westpointer Clay Jordan can remain in the cavalry after the Civil War is to accept command of a troop in the newly formed Tenth Cavalry Regiment, made up of mostly former black slaves.

    Clay takes his wife Kathleen with him  and joins the regiment in Kansas. He begins training the raw recruits, a daunting task made worse by racial prejudice in the Army.

   Clay's troop is sent to Fort Arbuckle on the Indian frontier in Oklahoma and then to Fort Sill, where the Tenth is assigned to control the Commanche and Kiowa Indians now on a reservation.

The Tenth gets involved in the ongoing war between the reservation Indians and the Texas frontier to the south. Kathleen, who is a nurse, takes care of the troopers and they worship her. They come to her rescue when another officer attempts to rape her. 

The Tenth Horse has plenty of action and romance mixed with actual history.

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The Tenth Horse
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