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An unknown sniper is systematically killing the prominent men of Franklin, Illinois. No one know who will be next. Sheriff Marcus Dixon and Detective Mary Ellen Selvedge must catch the killer, and they must do it with little help from the local police or from anyone outside. It's 1936 in the heart of the Great Depression. There are plenty of potential suspects--men who have lost their jobs, had their homes foreclosed, are broke, or who are just plain angry and desperate. Then, there are the communists, anarchists, and fascists, all of whom are becoming more active in the Depression.

Marcus and Mary Ellen are in love, but they must put their marriage plans on hold until they can catch the killer. Their investigations take them from the homes of the rich and powerful in Franklin to a miserable shack in Shantytown, even to a training camp for the German American Bund. Every new shooting by the sniper raises the levels of fear and panic in the people of Franklin, and Marcus and Mary Ellen must bring the killer to justice before the town comes apart.

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Price: $12 paperback, $20 hardback