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I have led an interesting life. I grew up in Oklahoma and Texas, played high-school football, entered the Army and served in the Army of Occupation in Japan. I used the GI Bill to attend three fine universities, ending up with a PhD in history from the University of Oklahoma. Between the BA and MA, I was called to active duty in the Korean War, where I served as a military historian and observer at the prisoner of war exchange. 

I became a professor and taught recent and frontier American history at Texas State University and at Southern Illinois University at Carbondale. I also had Fulbright professorships in Chile and Costa Rica and a sabbatical in Mexico.

       I served for ten years as a unit commander in the Oklahoma and Texas National Guard, at times dealing with hurricanes on the Gulf Coast and leading a search for a lost retarded boy.

Since retiring, I have been a destination lecturer on cruise ships, sailing from Alaska to Panama to Newfoundland. Also, I had a brief but moderately successful career in local politics.

       In my novels, I try to place interesting fictional characters in dramatic and historically accurate situations and have them find their way to a satisfactory end. My novel Perfect Murder is my first murder mystery. I enjoyed writing it because I did not know how it would end until the last chapter. I hope the reader will have the same experience.

I have a wife and family and live in Southern Illinois.