Perfect Murder

   A young coal heiress is missing. There are precious few clues to indicate whether she has been murdered, kidnapped, or has run away.
I am a retired history professor who is enjoying life writing novels. I use the historical settings and characters that I know well and insert fictional characters in  dramatic and exciting situations.
   This is great! I get to make history come out the way I want it and I can throw in some romance.
   I have published three novels: Tampa, The Tenth Horse, and Perfect Murder. All three stories have plenty of action and drama plus a good mixture of actual history.
   I hope you will read one of my books.

                         David Conrad
I have led an interesting life. I grew up in Oklahoma and Texas, played high-school football, entered the Army and served in the Army of Occupation in Japan. I used the GI Bill to attend three fine universities, ending up with a PhD in history from the University of Oklahoma. Between the BA and MA, I was called to active duty in the Korean War, where I served as a military historian and observer at the prisoner of war exchange.                    
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